Things You Need to Know

In today’s market, we believe that honesty is the best policy. That’s why we designed the most generous, fair and transparent store policy for our customers. Read the following sections to find out more about how we exchange products, whether we provide shipping services, or about how we secure your personal data. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

If for some reason there is a problem with our product when it is delivered to you please contact us immediately via awakencbd1@gmail.com. We will accept returns and refunds up to 30 days from date of sale if the product is not to the high standard we expect from ourselves.


The policy: This privacy policy notice is served by AWAKEN CBD under the website; [www.awakencbdoil.com]. The purpose of this policy is to explain to you how we control, process, handle and protect your personal information through the business and while you browse or use this website. If you do not agree to the following policy you may wish to cease viewing / using this website, and or refrain from submitting your personal data to us.

We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies and precise procedures in how we store, access and manage that information. Our methods meet the GDPR compliance requirement.