CBD Natural Vape Liquid – 300mg

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10ml – CBD E-Liquid


The mg stated refers to the CBD content of the product, for example, 10ml of vape liquid with 500mg of CBD = 5% concentrate.


Why only 10ml? – this is to keep the concentration as high as possible, there are many companies selling larger bottles, however, these contain the same amount of CBD, therefore, you are just getting more vape liquid and a weaker concentrate. for example, if you buy a 500mg 50ml liquid then this is 1% compared to ours which is 5% meaning you will need to smoke 5 times more of the 50ml to get the same benefits.


Our liquids can be mixed with any other liquid if for example, you wanted to adjust the VG/PG ratio or wanted to prolong the life of the liquid. We would recommend using our (no flavour) for this as it will not affect the flavour of the liquid you are adding it too.


VG/PG – 80/20 – we chose this ratio due to the fact it mixes extremely well with the raw 99% CBD.


Nicotine – All our liquids have 0% Nicotine


THC – All our liquids have less than 0,2% THC




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